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Ibearian 16 hours ago

Brief video with Bowolverine

Watched 515 times.
[4] (16 votes)
Small Venum 1 days ago

Wrestling in fit formal slack pant

Watched 448 times.
[3] (18 votes)
Caradepoa 2 days ago

Pancadas no abdômen.

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[2] (7 votes)
PJBoxxxer1 2 days ago

PJBoxxxer1 works out!

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[4_5] (39 votes)

Submission match between 2 HWTS

Watched 850 times.
[4] (12 votes)
RhodyRaybo 3 days ago

Intense submission Wrestling

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[4] (15 votes)
MKEwrestlebear 5 days ago

Workout, musclebear in training

Watched 236 times.
[4] (16 votes)
fujianironchain 6 days ago

At the SF Grappliers gathering 6 November 2019

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[4_5] (39 votes)
evilfighter 6 days ago

Bodyscissor & Headscissor

Watched 467 times.

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    Leaving Thailand 🇹🇭 well it time for me to leave my favorite country, being here for just over 3 weeks, has always i have had a great time, and made
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    I remember one wrestler that was willing to pay me to beat him up. I thought that was strange, so I declined the offer. But now that I think about it
  • 19th November
  • 19th November
  • 17th November
    After nearly nine years on this site trying to arrange a 2vs1 (one big two slim) match I've given up & lost interest. Too many fantasists without the
  • 17th November
    Anyone interested in cyber wrestling/boxing/mma? come join the After Hours Gym, even just like to read old matches come join everyone is welcome.
  • 17th November
    “Exagerado Jogado aos teus pés Eu sou mesmo exagerado Adoro um amor inventado” (Cazuza) A miríade da sexualidade humana guarda ainda muitos prazeres
  • 17th November
  • 15th November
    I was at my gym today working out. I was on the treadmill and this really short guy got onto the treadmill next to me. I am 5'7" tall and he was at
  • 13th November
    Many thanks to all who have supported the OWG (& the Grapevine) events in Manchester during 2019 (& those who are attending the Nov &/or Dec meets)
  • 12th November
    Bearing in mind I would prefer an erotic encounter, Simple question really, do you prefer your opponent smooth or hairy? I was previously smooth (
  • 12th November
    Because of (1) Probably unable to do intense action for another few months -- [keep it LITE 'n' E-Z]; and because the existing matroom was taking up
  • 11th November
    So I’m taking a trip to the land of Ohio to visit a friend but might be able to squeeze a match or two right on in. Maybe I’ll run into some of you
  • 10th November
    As previously blogged, I got into a motorcycle accident and busted my knee in April. All these while it was doing good and wrestled several time
  • 7th November
    I get a bit envious whenever I read about guys in the site who get to wrestle other guys despite having limited (if any) experience in fighting or in



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ChatFighters Opens!


I'm proud to present to you our new brother site: ChatFighters.

Although it is certainly possible to use MeetFighters for imaginary characters and cyber battles, this is not what the site is designed for. We have all those pesky rules demanding real photos and such. It's a drag.

ChatFighters is all for you, cyber community, the new website is throwin all these rules out the window! The terms of service are hyper simplified, with no picture verification. You are not restricted to just one profile, quite the opposite: you can manage as many cyber profiles as you want with the same registered account. The specialized cyber chat allows you to operate more than one character simultaneously. And when you are done, you can even publish your match directly from the chat with just a few mouse clicks.


ChatFighters.com is a place of fantasy. Here you can create imaginary characters, have epic battles, experience role-playing and meet others with similar interests.

Or just relax and quietly read other members' stories and books.

You are encouraged to open up, explore and share your fantasies. ChatFighters wants to be a worldwide hub for all who love fighting but cannot do this in real.

Check out the member created character descriptions; most of them are very detailed and pretty impressive!

If you like or just being curious about the cyber fighting world, give it a try.

If you happen to post regular cyber blogs on meetfighters, you can keep doing it, but I would be happy if you try and post your blogs also on the story section of the new site.

As usual with us, the site is free and has no advertising AT ALL. Putting your privacy first, we don't use any 3rd party tracking or similar shit to create fingerprints of your web history. Join, chat, read, leave, and hopefully come again.

I worked on ChatFighters for roughly a year. It's been in limited beta for a month now, opening to the public today.

It is still in his baby steps, but I have many plans for it. I'm in contact with the existing cyber community from Yahoo!, helping me in creating this new place! You can join too, and have a strong influence on how this website will develop in the future. New features and requests are mostly community-driven!

This page explains the concept behind it in more details: https://www.chatfighters.com/impressum

To sign up:

Best Regards,


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