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2018-02-24Jman77's blog

Dudes need to clip their toenails. I'll be bringing clippers with me next time.

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2018-02-24Vaetran100's Blog

möchte gern den Namen ändern in Veteran100, ist das möglich?

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Check yourselfMerseywrestle's blog

Hey Guys
My first blog entry, bit serious but important, since author/actor Stephen Fry cam out and talked about his bout with prostate cancer, I thought I would stand up and say I have had it to, originally found through a routine blood test, as I have reached that certain age, were luckliy my doctor, wanted me to have a medical overall. Well after some surgery and radiotherapy I am now offically clear.
If your in your 50's plus ask your doctor for a blood test (PSA in the UK not sure what tests are done elsewhere).
Prostate cancer kills men and it has reached a level on par with breast cancer, so get checked out.

For you younger guys too, aint gonna leave you out, testicular cancer affects you, so get in a rountine and check your balls for any lumps or bumps and if there is anything your worried about get it checked out....

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Another Great Match with a Post-Match SurpriseSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

I thought I had posted this; but looks like is gone: A guy from another site wanted to meet up just to see what wrestling was all about, what it felt like. I get queries from out-of-site because I keep my profile here in public-view to attract offies. Got together in my matroom; and found something odd for someone who said he never wrestled (and merely assumed did no other fight sport) – trying to use his legs in ways I hadn't seen from wrestling, but reminded me of waaaaay back in the antiquities of the '60s of doing some Jhoon Rhee TKD classes.

Instinct told me to stay in close, keep to his lside and take him down to the mat stat., and go flat at 90 full weight on chest and on my toes. And voila!! Owned his ass as I worked his arms to Discomfort City.

Afterwards, we chatted a bit, only to learn he earned a black belt in Tae kwon do over at Rhee's – even had his gi and belt in his bag and hadn't noticed it. – mystery solved as to his seemingly odd newbie wrestling style. Asked about encores as I hoped we could exchange info, tactics of our respective sport; but he never followed up to my queries over there. I sure could stand to pick up on more fight styles – for both sport and self-defense out there in the real world.

It all incented me to start working the legs more – front/back of upper, knees, lowers, ankles, and feet what a wide range of tools – and more so with the arms as well – working on both strength and dexterity. So you men here, be prepared for those bolts out of the blue as well.

Nearly s**t a brick that I had just tangled with and taken down, owned a TKD black belt – but I guess the style taught there makes less use of the fists than I remembered it – but staying in close to the lesser side followed by take down might had kept that in check as well. OTOH, all might have been pure luck and I could never replicate it if I run into another TKD man here. Take on all styles; as I want to diversify to the max, as long as it's safe.

Bigger question is: If I had posted this here before, why did it go. If not, then where did I post it? BTW: If you think this is some kind of BS, there's only one way to find out for sure it's not – by taking me on, and finding out it is not..

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wrestlefest NYC 2018Jman77's blog

SOOO, my first time in NYC didn't go to my standards, though nothing really does due to my perfectionist complex. Still working to correct that annoying flaw. Moving forward, I would like focus on what I did enjoy about my trip. Wrestling: 10 real matches, involving real wrestling holds,tests of strength and some great body punching action. Lots of sweat, kink and sensual delights as well. I did get banged up a bit with just some minor bruising. Soreness is actually going away. I feel great now. Exploring NYC : not as much as others may have, but I was gifted a ticket to a musical in which I had the privilege of watching an award winning legend perform. The real treat for me were the guys I had the privilege of hanging out and wrestling with. These aren't average guys. They are top notch men of both standard and class in a way most can't fathom. A rarity these days. They overshadow the negative experiences I faced, witch at this point, seems trivial to even mention now. I cherish the moments I encountered with each of them.

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wrestling birthdayJOHN1953's blog

hi guys just to say thanks to you all for your kindness and best wishes on my 65th birthday thank you all for your freindship and being ther im greatfull

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Rip and Strip (aka Rip) Wrestling -- Let's get with it, guys!!!Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

I was just watching some rip wrestling in business suits clips on site. They seem so lame compared to what I have done off camera in the past. If that's the best they can muster, I got to put the new camcorder to use and make some ball-bustin' rip wrestling to post here.

The most egregious faux pas are the ones where the men remove their jackets and ties before even starting. That's at least half the contend of a match trashed before it even gets started. There has to be serious prep work to include jackets and ties for both safety and dramatic effect – most notably weakening at the seams for the jackets, and either loose fastening or product sabotage for the ties.

I want to find someone(s) who like rip wrestling and into doing video. Nothing super professionally cut and edited. Just let the video "roll" if the action is hot enough with a good violent rip look to it, everything else can be forgiven. The big thing is in the suit jackets – keeping strength in the lapels to work it akin to a judo gi – so there can be some good tossing around–then get into serious rip action.

Maybe that's revealing too many possible trade secrets; but if doing so incents guys to make some realistic, violent looking rip in suits videos out there, it's worth it. Be happy to be part of the action if you are into doing this kind of action to put more life into rip and strip video.

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2018-02-22Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Happy to announce I recruited yet another man to this site NYJOHN247. I look forward to hosting him in my matroom for a multi-day session to get him started here, and to introduce him to my other protégés. Happy to recruit men with a genuine interest in the fight sports to the site – never knowingly recruit a bullsh*tter.

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Wrestling across Germanyalpinisto's blog

It could not come as a surprise for me that I also was to start the year of 2018 with a month with no wrestling matches. For with January as the first month I knew that I would have no money to travel for wrestling, so I could only have a faint hope that there could be other wrestlers visiting Denmark. But at least I had budgetted with a visit to Berlin in February instead.

However, I could have wrestled in January if I had had the money for traveling, because in mid-January I got a message from a guy, Michi, in Remscheid, who very much would like to wrestle me. Apparantly we had a mutual friend in Sperling from Berlin, and here he had seen pictures of us wrestling, and he had felt so attracted by my hairy body that he immediately would like to wrestle me. But as said, I had no money for traveling that month, so if we were to wrestle it would have to wait until February, where I would be going to Germany anyway.

Approaching the travel date it appeared that he also was in contact with g6fighter in Düsseldorf, and from then on everything went more smooth. For then I could not only wrestle Michi but also g6fighter, a guy I had wrestled when in 2016 he had visited Copenhagen. Furthermore I could also stay the night at his place so I also could see a bit of Düsseldorf after our wrestle and return to Berlin the following morning for more wrestling there.

I had kleiner kerl as good friend in Berlin, and with him I not only could stay the nights, but him being a wrestler himself I would be sure that I also got to wrestle. So I had the long travel to Berlin on Thursday and early the next morning I took the morning train to Düsseldorf so I could have almost a full day there wrestling Michi and g6fighter.

I was happy that I this way got to wrestle g6fighter again, even though I knew that I would not have many chances with this strong guy. For he had started wrestling while in the military and in the meantime wrestled close to 300 guys. But I knew from our previous match that he was safe and sane and wrestling him had always been fun. Although I knew that he always got what he wanted - the only question would be when.

In the first round I was able to remain on top of him for maybe half a minute, but then he flipped me over and before I knew it he was on top of me, and not as easily flipped. I was able to outbalance him a few times, but before I could make use of this situation he had all my body under his control - and after a few minutes I tapped out to save energy for the next round. In this I managed to stay on top for a bit longer, but in the end it was the same. From my heavy breathing I could clearly feel that I was rather unfit, which I mostly am after a long winter with little outdoor activity.

After a break Michi was my next opponent. I have mostly fought other MeetFighters members and then always had read their profiles so I would know what to expect. But Michi was not on MeetFighters and I knew nothing about him, except for his stats which he had emailed me: 14 cm shorter than me, 12 kgs lighter and with the age of 24, which was 30 years younger than me. And a muscular build, which I could see myself when he stood in front of me in his speedos.

Only a few times before I had fought such young guy, and most times the result had been the same, for these young guys can be very agile and turn the tables in any second. Only rarely a young opponent had been out of shape because of lack of training - but Michi surely looked well-trained to me. I could only hope that the little experience I had would be enough and that he would be content with his body contact with my hairy body. Wrong! He indeed liked to have contact with my hairy body - but only once he had got that body down on the mat and unable to move much - in which situation g6fighter also joined the fight, for he also was keen on hairy bodies. And then the fight turned erotic as Michi had planned, now they had the hairy body to play with. Michi was to leave for work at 2 pm, so he went for a shower while I relaxed on the mat after having had the first matches this year.

On Saturday I returned to Berlin where I could have my usual wrestling session with kleiner kerl. When in Berlin I usually also wrestle Sperling, the guy who had inspired Michi to invite me to Düsseldorf for wrestling, but this time I had not planned to wrestle Sperling or any other Berlin guy, except for kleiner kerl. Kleiner kerl had his own in-house mats and I obviously left it to him to decide who should get to his apartment for wrestling. This time he had planned with berlinfunfighter that he could come by for wrestling on Sunday. So it appeared to become a normal Berlin visit for me.

berlinfunfighter arrived as planned on Sunday afternoon, and kleiner kerl started wrestling him in a naked match. Personally I am not much for naked wrestling, but I accept that other guys can have other opinions about that, as long as I can wrestle in my leotards or singlets. This I could do when I came next for wrestling berlinfunfighter. I had also wrestled him half a year earlier, and at that time our fight had been deemed unsettled. So how was it going to turn out this time? With a weight of 100 kgs berlinfunfighter was a bit heavier than me, but not much. Still it didn't take long before we both were down in a ground fight. I usually think that I am best in ground fight, so I should only flip this guy over so I could get on top of him. I did get a good hold of his leg and was about to get him in a leg split but then were to stop for technical reasons!

The afternoon developed into a small tournament for three. Next I was to wrestle kleiner kerl, which became a rather short match. In general I am quite level with kleiner kerl when it came to who of us being the stronger, though kleiner kerl often wins the first match when I am tired after the long journey to Berlin. But this time my travel to Berlin was several days ago and kleiner kerl had had several days of rest, so supposedly our match would be quite even. So I made use of my weight advantage to keep him down so he had to tap out after only a few minutes. I normally don't do this on kleiner kerl as I don't see that as very fair for him, but I was still a bit tired after the match with berlinfunfighter, and I felt sure that we were going to have one more round that afternoon.

berlinfunfighter then had another session with kleiner kerl, again a naked one, and then I was to have the last session with berlinfunfighter. This time he stayed on top of me no matter how hard I tried to flip him off. So after a while I decided that it would be in vain to continue, maybe because I was still unfit towards the end of the winter. So maybe the general outcome of today's fights with berlinfunfighter could be deemed unsettled again. berlinfunfighter and kleiner kerl finished that day's wrestling with an arm wrestling match and then berlinfunfighter went for the shower.

For Monday I had planned a bondage session with a non-wrestling friend near Tempelhof, and afterwards I did not have to return to kleiner kerl, for he had already lined up the next wrestling match. Inviting host was this time Kuschelringer, and much to my surprise berlinfunfighter also turned up here again. But since the three of us already had shed plenty of sweat the day before it was obvious that it now was Kuschelringer, who was to decide what would happen. And indeed he made sure that all of us were to wrestle the three other guys. Of course I was most interested in wrestling the man himself, for I had not wrestled him since 2016. We had about the same stats, so I had to work hard in trying to keep him under control - but he did the same, and it ended in a very sweaty match - just like last time. But I knew that he liked the body contact and developing a good sweat with his opponent - and he was not a guy to give in, which is why our fight last time ended unsettled - and maybe also did this time. Wrestling at Kuschelringer's place we had to do with his mattress, and this was too small for me for comfort. So most of the rounds ended with me half down on the floor. Then better kleiner kerl's jigsaw mats.

In total I had wrestled five guys this extended weekend, and for a first wrestling weekend this year this was more than I could have hoped for. Sure I could look forward to more wrestling this year, and I had previously planned that I could go to UK next month. But this is probably not going to work, for the guy who had invited me over is no longer out for a meeting. So probably next wrestling session might be a headscissor session in Sweden next month.

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Let's do some real firstSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

The messages back and forth this morning were almost funny and serious simultaneously. Amusing to be approached about wrestling from someone saying he wants you to come to some hotel/motel room; for a match; I usually counter that he come here and do things on real wrestling mats. But within several backs 'n' forths, the real agenda manifests – it's simply "Come to my hotel room; work me over; bloody me up; bruise me up where it doesn't show to my wife and my coworkers; and f*** my ass." [oh, and forget doing any actual wrestling]. In reality, a mattress is not my favored wrestling venue except when there is absolutely no alternative, nowhere, no how – and I want something in the Real Wrestling Department for my effort.

Ok. I can enjoy [safely] working a guy over, even a bloody nose and some bruises [where the wife who hasn't seen his naked body in over a decade won't see them], if that's what he wants. But for gawd sakes!! Let's at least make it part of a wrestling match, competitive or even promission or playful pro or below-the-neck fisticuffs. I'd rather think of myself as a wrestler rather than a free callboy. Just come over; join me on the mats; put up some kind of a fight; and let me earn the supposed "right" to work you over. That's more into preserving my dignity, my self worth in sporting life, be it with or without sex.

Happy to take on guys for real matches on real mats. Local guys; give me an invite or ask for one. It can be playful, lite, rougher – pro, promission, submission, mma, whatever – followed by some form of socializing, be it food, entertainment, or the sex. Anyone local with a ring?

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