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submuscle is recommended by cdnwrstlr (22/1/2017)

This rock solid muscle stud just gave me a crash course refresher after several years away from sub lol. Awesome guy off the mats to chat with, focussed and determined on the mats. Look forward to evening the score in our next match! 😎


Sedefier is recommended by AD idf (22/1/2017)

Un retour sur les tapis de ce lutteur puissant avec des bras costauds et joueur. Ses réflexes de lutteurs gréco-romain ou libre sont encore un peu rouillés mais ne sont pas loins. Bref une rencontre sympa et bon enfant.


robertvogt is recommended by roy65 (22/1/2017)

Mit robervogt kann man sehr gut unterhalten. Er ist ein guter und sympathischer Gegner.
Es hat mir viel Spaß gemacht und freue mich auf weitere Matche.
Ich sage: DANKE !!!


Lomandlad42 is recommended by MEGRAPPLE (22/1/2017)

Somehow l deleted previous recommendations.. ( probably because my huge monkey like fingers) so thought i would correct the situration...

First met this fine, eager and supreme wrestler a few times now. Each time we clash the matches just get better and better. Lomand is an experience NOT to be missed. Hes safe, sain and fully aware of your wrestling abilities, be it a playful or a competative submission match. Whenever, we meet not only do we both end up exhusted and soaking with sweat, but are both fully satisified with the outcome.. l will always highly recommend him not only for his charm, polite, respectful attitude but also for his "off the mats" socal activities and his ability to string a decent converstation together.. roll on round 5!! I can hardly wait..!!


Pin123 is recommended by Delrayguy (22/1/2017)

Pin123 is new but very willing to learn. I shown him some good basic holds an technique, and he picked it up very well. All he needs is a few good matches under his belt and he will become very competitive... We practiced holds and he clamped them on me no problem! He's a very nice guy on and off the matts. I can't wait to see how he fairs again wrestlers in the future!


KämpferAC is recommended by FightfunGER (22/1/2017)

KämpferAC ist ein sportlicher sehr sympathischer Kerl. Er sammelt seine Erfahrung beim Ringen und lernt schnell. Das werden noch andere Kämpfer zu spüren bekommen. Fair, zuverlässig und somit empfehlenswert !


Delrayguy is recommended by Pin123 (22/1/2017)

Delrayguy was very patient and glad to share all he knows with a beginner like myself. He definitely has my highest recommendation.


FightfunGER is recommended by KämpferAC (22/1/2017)

Super Gastgeber und ein erfahrener Gegner.
Freue mich schon auf den nächsten Fight mit ihm.
Bis dahin werde ich fleißig trainieren um nicht ganz unterzugehen.


Australian Wrestler is recommended by rasslefan16 (22/1/2017)

Great to catch up with Australian Wrestler again after a couple of years - and we had an excellent rematch! He's a great wrestler and a great guy - genuine, respectful and fun to wrestle - highly recommend a match with him, and looking forward to when we can meet up again.


roy65 is recommended by robertvogt (22/1/2017)

war ein super match.Müssen wir Wiederholen.Hat viel Spass gemacht

43396 recommendations

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