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sqfig4 is recommended by FlMexican (27/7/2017)

It was a pleasure finally meeting with this guy. I had some problems meeting up because of work but he was more than understanding and real hospitable when I finally came over. He was great to wrestle with, knew how to dish out while taking it from me! Overall a great time and I would highly recommend to anyone! Can't wait for our next meet up.


wrknprogress is recommended by subprosea (27/7/2017)

Had a quick wrestle with this gentleman. He's got a strong build and has good control. Recommend and hope to wrestle again.


matslam is recommended by lutteuractif (27/7/2017)

Great session of heel vs jobber wrestling with the famous greek jobber he really made the day with his brilliant attitude he truely made me work as the heel and he did not give in and held out in true jobber style working through bostons , camel clutch, leg locks , neck locks , sleepers... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ,on my list of a rematch
Great guy off the mats


tnwrestler1 is recommended by Matpain (27/7/2017)

tnwrestler1 was brave enough to come and step in the ring in the house of pain! Had a tough fought promission battle where I prevailed 10-9. combination pro and submission match. Had a blast and sweated buckets! Definitely wrestle this stud if you get the chance!


chicagopiledriver is recommended by Andy Bluebear (27/7/2017)

This guy is everything that has already been said, and then some. Strong, tough, experienced, and a great heel, he threw me around the mats like I was nothing. He respects limits though, which is always good against weaker and less experienced guys like myself ;) He has a great wrestling set up in his home, too, so you definitely get a great experience.

Off the mats he is a nice, friendly and accommodating guy, and a great host as well. If you have the chance to meet him, do not pass it up.


Riviera Wrestle is recommended by MEGRAPPLE (27/7/2017)

"Riviera Wrestle" is a must meet again sort of guy. Talkative, Cosmopolitan and totally charming sort of guy. Our match was on the spur if the moment whilst R. W. was visiting the U.K. Although there was a vast weight difference, We both managed to have a low competitive wrestle, with subs both sides. "R.W." knows how to get the advantage of match with the occasional crafty move. l really enjoy the match, in where both wrestlers were exhausted from the constant exchange of holds and jobber v heal match. My ionly wish is 'R.W.' returns to the UK A.S.A.P. for another safe and sane European match. As my recommendation suggests, l highly recommend this fine gentleman, and if your paths should ever cross grab the opportunity with both hands.


wrestlersp is recommended by John Wrestler (27/7/2017)

Eu adoro o WrestlerSp.
Sou suspeito para falar...
Corpo grande e forte, topa lutar no meu formato e isso é bom demais.
O melhor de vencê-lo é pisar nele no fim da luta...
Espero um dia lutar novamente com esse camarada, que é uma lenda aqui do meet
Pena morarmos tão longe, senão seria luta todo dia...rsrsrs.
E pena que perdi minha recomendação anterior da luta que tivemos...
Se você quer um cara grande e forte para o combate, explique seu esquema para ele e aceite lutar. Com certeza, você sairá feliz!


AD idf is recommended by Norcalfur (27/7/2017)

I had an enjoyable grappling session with Alain, in his mat room! He is strong and skilled, and reliable! Very welcoming and considerate, meet him if you the chance, while visiting Paris!


joman74 is recommended by superkid85 (27/7/2017)

È davvero difficile trovare le parole per commentare le tre ore di lotta con joman. Dopo qualche giorno sento ancora la stanchezza e la fatica, con i muscoli indolenziti. Ma l'adrenalina che ti lascia addosso è indescrivibile. Sono state tre ore pazzesche dove nonostante ci abbia messo tutto l'impegno non sono riuscito a contrastarlo. Joman ha tantissimo da insegnare sia come tecnica sia come approccio alla lotta, un vero e proprio assalto fisico e mentale, che non lascia scampo. Mai mediocre. Insomma, vietato ai deboli di cuore! Incontrare avversari come lui non può fare altro che farti migliorare. Per Questa volta ammetto la sconfitta, ma la sfida è aperta...e lunga... alla prossima joman!


Norcalfur is recommended by AD idf (27/7/2017)

i met norcalfur at my place for a session in grappling. we passed goid time on mat in technical and controlled match with fun. norcalfur gave strong arm, strong body for his size and know his holds.
very friendly guy. easy to discuss and have good time with him. looking forward to meeting him again.

48708 recommendations

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