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jaxwrestle is recommended by MM 2013 (18/11/2018)

Returning the complement regarding being a really nice guy 😊

Never would’ve thought it was his first match, can’t flying out the traps and made a great start but experience kicked in over time for me to go on and get the win 😎

Looks great in his gear and hopefully looking forward to many more rematches in the future!


wrightstuff is recommended by SCwrestleguy (18/11/2018)

Wrightstuff is a strong guy who is tough to move on the mat. He is deliberate, patient and before you know it, he’s got you in trouble. We have a a few fun, sweaty matches. He’s also a fun and friendly host. I look forward to wrestling him again. Hit him up for a match with a safe, but fun struggle.


pinwrstl89 is recommended by extralarge (18/11/2018)

Pinwrstl89 is a fresh, but very enthusiastic wrestler! He is very fit and powerful and he is eager to learn! He is a natural born wrestler! His attacks are very dangerous but not yet so technical. His defense is strong, and long and he doesn’t submit easily at all. He is a beginner but also a very fast learner! During our two hour session, he managed to improve his technique! At the end, he was able to attack a lot better and defend himself in multiple ways!
Out of the mats, he is a very pleasant, polite and educated young man and is a pleasure to have a chat with him!


gofori is recommended by petitfit (18/11/2018)

Gofori est un lutteur athlétique et puissant. Son imposant gabarit, sa force et son énergie compensent tout à fait son peu d’expérience. Il se bat avec détermination et envie de dominer ce qui en fait un lutteur sexy et engagé. C’est un régal épuisant que de l’affronter. En dehors du tapis, il est chaleureux et intéressant, ce fut un plaisir de le rencontrer.
Hautement recommandé !


carolina wrestler is recommended by SCwrestleguy (18/11/2018)

After trying to work things out for a while, I finally had the opportunity to meet carolina_wrestler for a match. He is a strong guy and a great host. I look forward to having the chance to wrestle him again.


ruffighter is recommended by Glasgow Crusher (18/11/2018)

Had a great wrestling bout with this guy who's strong and looks great in his Speedos.
Good verbal and aggression too.
Easy going guy, friendly and chatty but tough when it comes to wrestling!.
We're definitely gonna have round 2 soon.
Thanks for a great wrestling match mate!


sffighter is recommended by sfflexer (18/11/2018)

This muscled little stud packs a punch and is very strong , if your thinking about having a match with him do yourself a favor and do it. he is built strong those biceps and pecs on him are amazing , and very nice guy to boot. Definitely want a rematch.


wrestleman is recommended by livingforfight (18/11/2018)

It was a big pleasure to meet and fight wrestleman. Although he is doing wrestling rarely, he is skilled and has good technics on the mat. Our match was tough and sweaty. By the way, wrestleman is a simple and friendly guy off the mat too. Highly recommended.


FrozenKaos is recommended by roy65 (18/11/2018)

FrozenKaos hat mich besucht. Er ist ein sympathischer Gast. Er ist sportlich gut, flink, fit und fair.
Wir beide sind von gleicher Statur. Daher haben wir fleißig gerungen. Unsere Kämpfe waren schweißtreibend und ausgeglichen.
Techniken und Zweikämpfe waren ebenfalls angesagt.
Mir hat es besonders viel Spaß bereitet.
Die beste Empfehlung von mir!
Ich sage sehr gern: DANKE!!


musclem8 is recommended by Meshwesh 2 (18/11/2018)

Wrestled this super strong guy a few years ago. He has an awesome physique and knows his moves. He owned me completely and it was a pleasure to tap out to him. Just wish I could get a rematch .......

63956 recommendations