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brazilwrestler86 is recommended by QuinnUK (25/5/2018)

This man is a wrestling powerhouse. Knows his hold and moves and strong as an ox. Totally outclassed me but who cares?


cdnwrstlr is recommended by Studboy (25/5/2018)

This muscled Canadian heel is a hunk of a man. He’s an imposing figure with immense biceps, a cute face, and his banter. He owned me in the match and that was okay with me. Take him on!


Ticowrestler is recommended by Carl1806 (25/5/2018)

Good fighter


GroundFite is recommended by imthere (24/5/2018)

Met up with groundfite, his super strong and fit.. just dominated me all the way to the end of the match from start... (i met him during my fasting, i'm a weak dead fish)

Outside the mat, his a really nice awesome guy đŸ€™đŸœ

Definitely recommend anybody visiting ZĂŒrich to see him, his a great person as well for helping me navigate my way for meet up.. thanks for sending me off back to ZĂŒrich hbf!


Studboy is recommended by cdnwrstlr (24/5/2018)

Awesome match with a very sexy, willing jobber. His pics and recommendations say it all: super hot body, takes a solid working over and friendly to chat with before and after the match. Can’t wait to take this stud on again in tag team battle! 😈


chub is recommended by boddyprett1 (24/5/2018)

Met chub today and had a fantastic time.
He taught me loads of new wrestling moves and then we wrestled and I tried to put them into practice. It was a great session.
We followed the wrestling with strength tests and I was very impressed by his power. It was the way I like it ...plenty of grunting and groaning.. I was completely exhausted after our session together.
We finished off with refreshments and a long discussion putting the world to right .
A thoroughly nice chap who I' recommend to all other thoroughly nice chaps on MEETFIGHTERS


Alex wrestler87 is recommended by MilonCGN (24/5/2018)

Alex ist ein hervorragender Gegner und ein starker KĂ€mpfer. Nur zu empfehlen!


boddyprett1 is recommended by chub (24/5/2018)

I had a great time with Bodyprett1 who met me at station and took me to the wrestling location with mat room area. We were able to demonstrate our tests of strength with both arm wrestle and hand locking as opening to our matches. We were of equal weight, height and near about age. Very good even give and take. Excellent host with sandwiches and coffee etc provided. If you get the chance to meet you will not be disappointed. A man of the World with good conversational topics too.


Lion2607 is recommended by g6fighter (24/5/2018)

Nun hat es doch mit einem Treffen geklappt. Sicher, Du bist noch ein AnfĂ€nger und ich bin Dir mit meinen Erfahrungen auch noch durch GrĂ¶ĂŸe und Gewicht physisch ĂŒberlegen. Aber Respekt, Dein drahtig athletischer Body weiß sich mit kraftvollen und intensiven Körpereinsatz zu wehren! Ich hoffe, dass Du auch weiterhin Spaß am geilen KrĂ€ftemessen haben wirst, denn in Dir steckt ein starkes kĂ€mpferisches Potential, dass nur ausgeschöpft werden muss - also bleib dran :-)

Außerhalb der Matte bist Du ein bodenstĂ€ndiger netter Kerl, mit dem man auch ĂŒber andere Dinge sich austauschen kann, als nur die Matte!.


ritual is recommended by Alan2005sg (24/5/2018)

Ritual has a good upper body. He is new to gutpunching but has full enthusiasm to learn from it. Do give him more chance to practice & he'll improve

58791 recommendations