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Fun and laid back guy. Wants to meet guys into sub and sub erotic matches.(erotic not a requirement and only if mutal) Into phone and live matches. Have more pics and cam as well. Want to have fun and meet some cool guys into wrestling and getting hot and sweaty! Hit me up love to chat! Also getting into cockfighting a bit as well. Interested in Arm wrestling and Guypunching as well either alone or during a match. Don't have a place to roll, but willing to split the cost of a room if needed. Can travel a bit as well Naples, Venice, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, North Port, Englewood, St. Pete, Cape Coral. Hit me up and lets see how it goes! Please dont challenge me if your not in, or planning on being in my state. Can travel to you on weekends, have a place in Port Charlotte I can use during the week. If during the week I need some notice for work.



  1. USA - Florida, Fort Myers
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'2" (157 cm), 14½ stn (200 lbs, 91 kg)

Gear: Shorts,undies,speedo,singlet,nude

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KBOH is recommended by swflwrestle81

Awesome guy. Had a blast rolling around with him and looking forward to another meetup



swflwrestle81 is recommended by kevin patrick

Great guy. Had a really tough and brutal match. Would love to wrestle him again.



kevin patrick is recommended by swflwrestle81

This dude is strong, skilled, and tough! Loved going at it with him and look forward to future matches as well. If you get the chance, wrestle this guy!


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swflwrestle81 02/8/2017

Just a little self punching

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swflwrestle81 21/6/2017

Showing off forearms

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swflwrestle81 15/6/2017

Scissor power

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